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The standard of our commodities and facilities is preserved and prolonged continuously.


Sainath Udyog is dedicated to making sure that our activities are carried out without injury to all customers and the ecosystem.


We encourage our employs to take action whenever they observe certain ‘at-risk’ conduct .

Mr. Shubham Korde

Business Development & Finance

Mr. Shubham Hiwale

Operation & Sourcing

Mr. Swapnil Bathe

Public Relation & Administration

Managing Director’s Message

Welcome to M/S Sainath Udyog. We aim to grow ourselves and our company by developing our many original and unique ideas from around the world, and integrate them into a unified production system means committing pride, passion, and craftsmanship to the whole process of creating a product of excellence, which fully satisfy our customer’s expectation.
We proudly produce one of the most dynamic rolls formed and stamped and machined metal parts. We have manufacturing facilities in Ahmednagar (India) which is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machines, technology, and skills to process raw materials to final product assembly.
We have started our business in India in the year 2008. The journey of these 12 years was very exciting and we have grown manifolds and gained the Customer’s trust in terms of Quality, Cost, and Delivery.

M/S Sainath Udyog started the new mid-term and set up a new slogan “Challenge to Number 1” as a new step towards our vision 2020. Our vision is to build Asia’s Number engineering and manufacturing unit and aiming to further evaluation of our Quality and Factory Management system.
We endeavor to further strengthen the New Business Development Team and Manufacturing reformation. Our focus is to improve the QCD (Quality, Cost, and Delivery) competitiveness by the continuous implementation of strategies.
Aiming to be Number 1 Company which is loved and selected by its Employees, Customer, and Society. We are creating an environment where everyone has a sense of unity, feeling the pride to be a part of Sainath Udyog, sharing their dreams and achievement amongst all, growing together for achieving the targets.

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Who we are?

“We Sainath udyog would like to introduce us with prominent company in engineering sector which provide turnkey solution for electrical, mechanical engineering project.

We are in Manufacturing Non-ferrous and sheet Metal precision press components and assemblies of these components.
The company started in the year 2008 .In a very short span of time the company has gained confidence to offer quality product as per the technical details given by esteemed client.
Our success is based on our focus on quality which has been instilled on every level throughout manufacturing process and customer service.


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